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Tourist map of Rhodes in Russian, with a map of Rhodes.

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Antiparos (in antiquity Oliaros;. Greek) island in the Aegean Sea, Greece belongs

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Amorgos Anafi Andros Antiparos Astimilos on the island is located where feelings.

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Antiparos Island;Island Where is the navel.


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Where Antiparos

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Find information for flights to Antiparos. The nearest airport is in the pas.

Where Antiparos

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Where Antiparos

Antiparos Cave Antiparos Cave of Antiparos

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Where Antiparos

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Parikia Paglia Agora: Parikia is built around the middle of the west coast of Paros.

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In 2001, the island's population was 19 782 people. The island is.

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Cyclades (Cyclades), located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea and belongs to Greece.